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Top Table 40 of BK magazine for Lim Kwong Meng restaurant

Top Table 40 of our favorite restaurants, BK magazine

Vol. 189  -  June 2007

Lim Kwong Meng, Bangkok


The bare-bones decor and furious shouting from the kitchen at this unassuming two-story shophouse can easily scare away any couple looking for a romantic rendezvous. Your visiting friends might also be intimidated by the moody servers who hardly speak English.

But if you are in for consistently good Chinese food replete with some Thai oomph and tasty seafood fare plucked fresh from the sea, here is the place. Sucking pig and steamed crab are musts.

It's a good idea to snatch a table downstairs, which doubles as the living room of the owner and her family, so that you'd be in earshot of better-informed staff. No credit cards.


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