Set Menu 6,200 (Chinese Table d’hote)

This Set Menu is based on Chinese Table d'hote style. All dishes serve in big size for 8-12 people. Not include all drinks and ice.

Please select one item from each number.

1Assorted Appetisers
(Hors d'oeuvre)
Chilled Ham Wrapped with GoatChinese SASHIMI
2Roast Suckling Pig
(Teochew Chinese style)
Goose feet in clay potStir-fried Sea Cucumber 
with Basil
3Fish's Maw in Red SoupCrispy Shrimp SaladStir-fried Shrimp with Asparagus
4Stir-fried Oysters with OmeletStir-fried Chicken with
five mixed Nuts
5Chilled Chinese Mullet fishDeep fried Sea Bass
with mango salad
Steam Chinese Fish
with Prune
6Shrimp Fried RiceNoodles with chicken in gravyWok noodle in
Yangzhou style
7Fish's head with Taro
 hot pot
Seafood Soup hot potTom yam shrimp soup
8Crispy Snow TaroGinkgo nut in
Sweetened Soup

**The restaurant reserves the right to change any the conditions, without prior notice.